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E-cigarette or will return to the original intention of quitting smoking
- Sep 27, 2018 -

In the past 2017, we saw that the revolutionary improvement of RTA also saw the emergence of various black technologies and innovative structures, all of which made the real experience of e-cigarettes further optimized. 

The re-evolution of the new small-smoke equipment also pushed the e-cigarette, which was originally intended to quit smoking, to another level in a single field. 


Although the electronic cigarette has been better promoted in the development of large smoke, fancy smoke, etc., its mission of quitting smoking has not changed. 

The initial EGO, such as smoke and other quit smoking positioning equipment showed a user experience that was not as expected due to technical problems. Many users abandoned the use of electronic cigarettes to re-select traditional cigarettes due to unsatisfactory experience. In addition to their own health problems, the side effects of re-selecting traditional cigarettes are quite obvious. For example, second-hand smoke brought to friends and relatives around us, such as yellowing and blackening of teeth caused by long-term smoking, such as bad breath problems. 

In 2017, a new batch of small-smoke devices began to emerge. They re-examined or replaced cigarettes, and they were highly targeted in the user's sight. 

For example Close Pod System.


We all know that cigarette addiction is the role of nicotine from a physical point of view, and the biggest factor besides nicotine is the psychological dependence of the human body on smoking behavior, which means that the use of nicotine patches does not have the effect of "pumping". Effective, and the targeting of small smoke products is here. 

Because most of the cases of failing to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking at this stage are mostly because the core reconstruction is "too much trouble" and not a simple taste experience difference. 

In addition to the characteristics of the use of the small smoke equipment, the performance of the amount of smoke also fully considers the various restrictions of the place of use. 

All of these have determined that small smoke equipment is more suitable for smoking and smoking cessation than general large smoke equipment. 


Disposable finished cartridges are also one of the convenient highlights. They do not have any use thresholds. They only need to put the cartridges on the battery rods and directly pump them to achieve the purpose of replacing the cigarettes. Smoke electronic cigarettes are troublesome, so these small smoke products may be tailor-made for you.

In fact, because of the psychology of a choice, many people are willing to replace the same set of small smoke equipment to quit smoking or replace the smoke. After all, such a way can eliminate a series of adverse conditions, such as chronic pharyngitis, second-hand Smoke and bad breath. 

However, there should be differences in the interpretation experience for some friends who have never been exposed to small smoke equipment. So far, the actual use of electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes are bound to be different. 

However, if you evaluate the original intention of smoking cessation in a more healthy attitude, the more flavor choice of the cartridge is also a more obvious advantage.

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