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E-cigarette suction and lung suction difference and advantages and disadvantages
- Oct 24, 2018 -

E-cigarette players often refer to mouth sucking and lung sucking, and novices often don't understand. This is the two most common methods of inhalation. Different methods of inhalation will take

Give users a different experience.


The way of mouth suction is very similar to the smoking technique we use when we use cigarettes daily, and the lung suction is closer to the way of inhalation when using hookah.

At the same time, different equipment, nebulizers, and output power also determine whether a device is suitable for sucking or sucking; whether you want to experience smoke

The wonderful taste of the oil or the maximum chasing the clouds, the different ways of inhalation will bring you different results.

Mouth suction


The way of mouth suction is the same as our daily smoking method. The user first takes the smoke from the atomizer into the mouth and takes in the extra air to bring the smoke into the mouth.

In the lungs. In the early days, due to technical limitations, most e-cigarette users used mouth-sucking to use e-cigarettes.


Advantage of mouth sucking

Due to the slow suction, the evaporation rate of the smoke oil is relatively slow, and the same amount of smoke oil can be used for a longer period of time.

The device does not require excessive output power when sucking, which avoids overheating when the device is in use.

Because of the same way of using cigarettes, the way of mouth suction is more favored by users of cigarettes.

The mouth-sucking method will allow the smoke to stay in the user's mouth for a longer period of time, which helps the user to obtain a more delicate taste experience for the smoke oil.


Lung suction


As with the name “lung suction”, the inhalation method of lung suction is that the user inhales the smoke directly from the nebulizer into the lungs, just like daily squats.

Sucking in general. Intensive smoke fills the lungs instantly, similar to the use of hookahs.

Lung suction will give users a more intense impact experience, and a large amount of smoke will give users a richer and fuller taste experience. At the same time, due to instant


Evaporating a large amount of smoke oil, the cooling design of the atomizer has become crucial, and the overheating of the smoke does not give the user a good experience. by

The amount of smoke is larger, so the feeling of hitting when the lungs are sucked will be more obvious. Most users who use lungs will choose cigarettes with lower nicotine content.

Oil products are used.


Advantage of lung suction


The direct inhalation of smoke into the lungs gives the user a more intense impact experience, while the user gets a more full-bodied smoke experience.

 Pulmonary suction is the best way for users to chase the clouds and fog.

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