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Electronic cigarette atomizer apron function
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Aprons and seals, a kind of material is a material, a kind of name is a function, but I believe that many users are not very clear about the function of the electronic aerosolizer apron, in fact, the function of the electronic aerosolizer apron is very simple.


The first point is insulation. This rubber ring is not installed or severely damaged. It is easy to cause direct short circuit during use. Especially when it is used in the power supply equipment of the mechanical pole type, the safety hazard is extremely great and needs special attention. Therefore, if it is after splitting or cleaning, be sure to install the rubber ring.


The electronic cigarette aerator ring usually pays attention to the safety when turning it. It will be smoother when adjusting the installation. Treat them carefully and remember to keep the accessories. The apron should be protected against locks, loss, and deformation. The device must be installed.

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