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How do you understand nicotine salt
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Nicotine salt smoke oil doesn't necessarily apply to every Vaper, but it's ideal for some people.For example, if you like big smoke, it's best to stick to standard oil.But for those who have just transitioned from smoking and find that regular e-cigarette oil doesn't meet their nicotine intake, or anyone who wants to use e-cigarettes quickly and quietly, nicotine salt will be their most powerful smoking-cessation assistant.

Nicotine Salt Salt is different from the Nicotine we usually use. Although it is called Salt, it is not Salt, but is a kind of crystal formed by Free Nicotine Free Base through organic Salt reaction.The crystals are eventually used, but they are still mixed with propylene glycol or glycerin to form a solution in proportion.Usually 100mg/ml.


One of the biggest benefits of using nicotine salts is that higher levels of nicotine can be inhaled more easily into the blood of the body, without the need for Free Base (Free radical) nicotine oil, which can make it harder to choke.


Because the nicotine salt is relatively soft compared to the traditional nicotine's roar, the user will have no feeling when smoking, the feeling of not stimulating the throat will smoke a lot, if not long-term smokers, the nicotine tolerance, it is easy to cause nicotine poisoning, also known as "drunk smoke".And the point here is that the nicotine salt, it's not used to end the smoke, it's meant to be for people who need a lot of nicotine, people who need a lot of nicotine, but the traditional nicotine, if it's 36mg, it has a very strong throat irritation, whereas the nicotine salt smoke doesn't.


1. Nicotine salt tobacco oil requires a small power electronic cigarette with a high resistance generally 1.0 ohm or above atomizer

2. Power usage of about 7-12w.If you use low-resistance and high-watt e-cigarettes, it is easy to cause excessive inhalation of nicu, causing physical discomfort. In addition, it is easy to burn the atomizer core, which will taste very bad.

3. Reduce the proportion of VG to about 10%.Increase the fluidity of the oil

4. If 100mg/ml nicotine salt solution is used, reduce the usage rate;Or use the pure nicotine salt solution of 800mg/ml with low dosage to largely solve the problem of paste core and poor taste.

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