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How to clean the atomizing core
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Some drip atomizers use fancy heating wire. Due to the complicated structure, it is more troublesome to make one. Therefore, some players will remove the cotton after the first stage of use and dry the coil. After burning red, rinse the coil with tap water. Repeat this The process can remove the carbon deposit on the coil, and it is as clean as new. After adjusting the heat evenly, it can be used normally by inserting new cotton.

In this way, care should be taken to prevent water from entering the host and damage the equipment. Since the tap water is also electrically conductive, it is also necessary to avoid short circuits. This method has certain difficulties. It is not recommended for novices, and it is not difficult to remanufacture ordinary coils. Practice the technique and do both.

For the finished atomized core, it can be washed with water in a strict sense, but it must be installed again and used in the case of completely drying inside and outside the atomizing core, otherwise there will be no smoke, oil, or even short circuit.

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