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How to maintain the electronic cigarette to extend the service life
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. The electronic cigarette battery should not be overcharged. The charging time is usually about three hours. The battery of the electronic cigarette is a lithium battery. Frequent overshooting will shorten the battery life. Some people often charge one night.

2. When smoking, it should not be sucked too hard. When smoking, it is too hard to suck out the smoke. Too much suction is added to the atomizer that touches the oil leak. The smoke liquid is easily sucked into the mouth directly, and the force is too strong. Completely atomized, the amount of smoke is smaller.

3. Each cigarette has its own maximum voltage limit and number of cigarettes in a certain period of time. Now many models of electronic cigarettes have led display, which can display the resistance of the battery and the maximum number of ports that can be sucked. It can cause over-damage damage to the nebulizer.

4. Pay attention to the angle of use when pumping. Keep the cigarette holder up and the tobacco rod is inclined downward. If the cigarette holder is down to the cigarette rod when smoking, the atomization core may not be immersed in the smoke liquid. Dry burning shortens the life of the atomizer.

5. E-cigarettes are cleaned regularly. E-cigarettes are an electronic product. Different from cigarettes, they are consumables. If they are exhausted, they will be gone. If you use e-cigarette correctly, it will have a life span of at least one year, which can save smokers. A lot of cost.

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