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How to solve the problem of using small smoke
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Small smoke products can get such high attention not only because of their small size and simple use, but the more important factor is that the small smoke is very worry-free during use, there will not be too many problems for the user to worry . However, as a member of e-cigarette products, there are still three more common use problems for small-smoke products. Here are some ways to solve them.


Pod System leakage solution

Pod System leakage is actually divided into two situations. The most common "leakage" of the bottom inlet is not the leakage of the smoke but the condensate produced by the inlet. This situation only needs to be pumped for half a day. Use a paper towel to wipe the cartridge when you are on the left or right.

The real oil leakage is also rare with the closed Pod System. If it is found that the Pod System has a slight leak, it is recommended to contact the merchant for replacement. The bumps and air pressure during the transportation process will also lead to Pod System micro-leakage, as long as the wipe can be used normally, without worrying about the Pod System's sealing problem. If there is oil leakage in the oil-filled Pod System, it is necessary to check whether the Pod System oil-filled hole sealing plug is plugged and adjusted. Some oil-filled Pod System also has a requirement for the proportion of smoke oil vg and pg, and the proportion of smoke oil component is also caused. One of the reasons for Pod System oil leakage.


Solution to condensate

The production of condensate is unavoidable for any electronic cigarette, and small smoke is no exception, but the condensate production rate of small smoke is very slow. If there is too much condensate in the smoke passage, the cigarette holder part of the small cigarette can't satisfy the paper towel to be wiped in. At this time, the paper towel can be removed by gently rubbing the cigarette holder part like a thermometer to remove it easily. Condensate in the smoke channel


The reason and solution for the lack of smoke in small smoke

If the small smoke equipment does not emit smoke, first of all, whether there is no smoke oil and small smoke in the Pod System, whether there is any remaining electricity, if the above two are no problem. Then, you need to wipe the bottom of the Pod System to remove the liquid or oxidation at the bottom of the Pod System to ensure the Pod System and the body are powered on smoothly. If the Pod System is shaken, there will be no smoke in the smoke, so the user only needs to keep the Pod System stable to solve the problem.

Today's small smoke products are very good in quality, no matter what type of small smoke products, there will not be too many problems in their use. Even small smoke products that are very worry-free are difficult to avoid. Some minor problems common to e-cigarettes are difficult to occur. If the above three problems occur, only the corresponding methods should be used to deal with the small cigarettes. Will be solved.

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