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What CBD Oil is best for vaping?
- Oct 10, 2018 -

What is CBD Oil?

Also known as cannibidiol, CBD is 1 of over 100 cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant.Cannabinoid compounds are substances that bind to receptors throughout the body and brain.Unlike marijuana, CBD oil does not contain THC, the mind-altering compound that gives you the feeling of being high. That means CBD oil does not get you "high" or alter your state of mind.


CBD E-Liquid Mix

CBD isolate doesn’t mix overly well with the vaping liquids we currently have at this moment. This means your liquid can split in two and needs a good shake before it’s ready to be used. This can also cause problems with the specific type of vaping device you are using. 


CBD Oil and Your Vaporizer

One of the key factors is going to be the type of vaping device you use. With CBD oils likely to separate or crystals to appear, those with wicks can have the most problems. If left unattended, the wick can become encrusted which renders the tank useless for vaping.


Look for a Clear Oil

If you have a choice of different CBD oils, picking the one that is the clearest, therefore, obviously makes more sense. If it looks cloudy and thick, then you might like to think twice about putting it in your vape device.


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