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What kind of cigarette are you suitable for? 5 purchase suggestions to help you solve
- Oct 16, 2018 -

1. What are the current major categories of small smoke products?

According to the different structural functions of small smoke products, small smoke can be divided into three types: disposable small smoke, closed type small smoke and small smokeable smoke.


2. What are the characteristics of different types of small smoke?

One-time small smoke: can not be charged, can not be added to smoke oil, the smallest size, the most portable capacity.

Closed-type smoker: Small replaceable cartridges are rechargeable, mostly pen-shaped design, and can be replaced with different flavors at any time.

Can be used to inject oily smoke and small smoke: Rechargeable and oil-filled can replace the cartridge, you can choose your favorite flavor of smoke to raise.


3. What are the costs of using small smoke products?

For closed-type smokers, the consumption in daily use is a closed-type cartridge. The small smoke that can be injected with the oil smoke will consume the smoke oil and the smoke bomb. In general, the smoke bomb that can be used for oil injection can be filled with more than 5 times. For a one-time small smoke, the individual does not incur any use fees, but if it needs to be used for a long time, it needs to purchase a small disposable cigarette.


4. How is the smoke and oil life of small smoke products?

Although the small smoke products are not very powerful, the electricity consumption during use is very small, and most of the small smoke products can satisfy the one-day use life at full power. In the case of smoke oil, the oil-filled cartridge and the closed-type cartridge can meet the frequent suction for one to two days, and the disposable cigarette can also reach more than 300 suctions.


5. Do I need to purchase a dedicated charger for small cigarettes after purchasing a small cigarette?

In addition to disposable cigarettes, the other two rechargeable small cigarettes are equipped with a dedicated charging cable at the factory. Most of the small cigarette products have a charging input current of about 0.5A. Therefore, when charging small cigarettes, the small cigarette can be linked with the computer USB charging port without a dedicated charging device.


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