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Atomization Core Making Skills
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. The coil needs to be firmly fixed and cannot touch the inner wall of the atomization chamber.

When fixing the coil, make sure that the rubber needle of each coil is firmly locked by the screw or the pressing piece, so that the coil can be evenly and quickly energized and heated, the coil is not fixed firmly or the coil contacts the inner wall of the atomization chamber. The problem of jumping resistance of the atomizing core is caused, which affects the use experience.

2, before wearing cotton must ensure that the coil can be evenly heated at the same time

At present, the mainstream heating wire or the finished coil must be subjected to the operation of the wire before wearing the cotton, so as to ensure that the coil is uniformly heated and lit at the same time, and the oxide layer can be formed on the surface of the coil to ensure that the resistance of the coil does not appear. A wide range of changes.

3. Pay attention to the amount of cotton and loosely process the cotton according to the size of the oil guiding hole.

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