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How Long Can The Ceramic Atomizing Core Last?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Ceramics are widely used in atomizers, which are driven by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to drive the atomizer to generate smoke by heating the electronic liquid in the "smoke" (dry type is heating special cut tobacco) In place of the new products of traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes are less harmful to the human body than the traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes do not have any open flames in the process of generating smoke. At the same time, the generated smoke belongs to water vapor, and there is no tar produced by the burning of traditional cigarettes. Hundreds of harmful substances.

In the position of cigarette holder and atomizer, electronic cigarette is widely used in ceramic materials. As a direct contact and heating element, atomizer is the core component of electronic cigarette. How to choose suitable ceramic heating element is more important, and traditional cotton Compared with the core heating, the ceramic heating can increase the atomization steam by 25%, and has better continuity. While improving the heating effect, it can save 20% of electric energy and prolong the battery life of the electronic cigarette device.

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