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How To Use Electronic Cigarettes?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. Vegetable glycerin in tobacco oil has water absorption, and dry mouth phenomenon will occur during use. Drinking plenty of water can alleviate it.

2. The mouthpiece opening mode is first to rotate the thread vertically to pull up or insert, do not tilt the angle.

3. Do not add smoke oil from the small hole in the middle of the atomizer. The middle vent is not the refueling position.

4. E-cigarette is a high-temperature heating principle. Condensate is generated at the top of the tobacco rod. It must be wiped with a paper towel when charging.

5. The life of the nebulizer is very important in addition to the frequency of use. It has a very important relationship with the habit of use. It can be extended for more than 5 seconds per use interval.

6. The built-in lithium battery of the tobacco rod has no memory activation and can be fully charged.

7. The tobacco rod is controlled by pressing and pressing. When using, press and hold the tobacco rod button, and do not dilute the release button.

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