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Is E-cigarette Included In The Smoking Ban Policy?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The Ministry of Public Health of England has recommended relaxing the e-cigarette policy and regulations to support e-cigarettes as a good way to quit smoking. The agency has launched a new tobacco control plan that outlines ways to help people quit, the main goals. It is to reduce the smoking rate of adults in the UK from 15.5% to 12% or less by 2022, and survey data show that the long-term harm of e-cigarettes is far lower than that of traditional cigarettes, so the British Ministry of Public Health does not think that everyone should smoke from cigarettes. Switching to the use of e-cigarettes to create barriers should relax the restrictions on e-cigarettes.

New regulations related to the sale of e-cigarette products entered into force in the UK in May this year, many of which are beneficial to consumers. For example, all e-cigarettes and smoky refills need to be printed with a safety warning and are tamper-proof. Given the addictive nature of nicotine, the new regulations impose strict limits on the volume of e-cigarette oil and the maximum nicotine concentration. However, according to the Brexit situation, one day the UK may not strictly follow the EU's tobacco product directives. The English Ministry of Public Health believes that this hypothetical scenario can provide an opportunity to draft rules recognizing e-cigarettes to some extent. Can be used as a healthier alternative to smoke.

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