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Large Smoke Atomizer Cleaning Tips
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. Hot water, warm water can be. Pour an appropriate amount of hot water into the electronic aerosolizer and shake gently for one to two minutes, then pour out the water and blow dry with a hair dryer.

2. Vinegar. Place the nebulizer in clean water mixed with vinegar, then cook. After about ten minutes, wash it with water and then dry it. It is a good choice to clean the electronic cigarette atomizer with vinegar. The effect can also be .

3. Coca Cola. Soaking the electronic cigarette atomizer in a cola drink takes about 24 hours. After it is finished, take it out, wash it with warm water, cold water, and boil water. Finally, blow dry.

4. Vodka, blow the nebulizer dry, pour the appropriate amount of vodka, seal the mouth of the nebulizer with your fingers, and gently shake for one to two minutes and then pour off. Rinse off with hot water and let it dry. Remember, you don't need to blow, the vodka taste needs to slowly disappear.

5. Tilt placement method. Place a piece of paper on the table and place the nebulizer on it. It takes about 24 hours. The smoke in the electronic aerosolizer will slowly flow out, then rinse with warm water and then blow dry with a hair dryer.

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