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Why Do Electronic Cigarettes Smoke?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The electronic cigarette presses the nicotine solution into the atomization chamber after being pressurized by the ultramicro pump, and then atomizes into a droplet of 0.5-1.5 um in diameter by ultrasonic high pressure of 2.2 MHz frequency, which is absorbed into the lung by the user, and the electronic cigarette is embedded in the wafer. There is a gas flu detector, which makes the device atomize only when it is inhaled through the mouth, and the micro-processed wafer controls the working state of each component. The front end of the product is equipped with a red light-emitting diode, which flashes when inhaling. . In this way, when the smoker “sucks” the electronic cigarette, why does the electronic cigarette smoke? The front part will emit red light, like the cigarette is lit, and it will also generate smoke. In the smoke, quit smoking. The feeling is that the real smoke is the same.

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