Various Watts Ecig Box Mod Kit

Vapesoul AK60 kit, Internal 18650 battery 2200mah 0.96 inch Big and clear screen Charming looking your favor

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Various Watts Ecig Box Mod Kit Big Vapor

1. Product Introduction


1). Use PEI mouthpiece to eliminate the mouth burning;

2). With the airflow adjustment ring;

3). Top filling, easy to use;

4). Clear oil tank, can see the e-liquid level and prevent burning;

5). Re-fill function and the maximum quantity of the e-liquid is 2ml;

6). LED display Output by used NI, TI, SS, PO and adjusted power model function;

7). With short circuit protection, vaping overtime protection, high temperature protection, low voltage protection functions;

8). Has a load detection function;

9). An open circuit detection function;

10). Anti-reverse connection function.

2. Product Parameters

Itsuwa Vapesoul AK60 Kit Feature:


AK60 Kit



Use For

Big vapor

Itsuwa Vapesoul AK60 Pro The Mod

Battery power range


Voltage range


Resistance range



Zinc Alloy




0.96 inch



Operating temperature

200F - 600F/100C-315C

Itsuwa Vapesoul Balet Pro Atomizer


Stainless steel





Thread connection




3. Product Instructions

Itsuwa Vapesoul AK60 Various Watts Ecig Box Mod Kit:

Battery charging:

1. Connect the USB cable to the power supply (note voltage<5.0V, current<1.0A);

2. Plug the USB cable into the USB socket which is at the bottom of the battery.

The display will be running and showing the current battery level.

When the battery has been charged to 4.2V and is full, the display stops running and the battery symbol flashes 10 times before it goes off screen.

Atomizer injection:

Take the tube in your left hand, and turn the holder counterclockwise with your right hand, and then remove the mouthpiece;

Before the e-liquid filling, adjust the air hole to the closed state, then inject the e-liquid from the top curved oil hole, and inject 2.0ml at most;

Take the outer tube with your left hand, and tighten the cigarette holder clockwise with your right hand to fix the mouthpiece.

4. Product Qualification

We have strict quality control processes to make sure that every item customers receive is of good quality. Below is the flow chart of the quality control processes for both vape battery and vapor atomizer.


We also utilize many test machines to test all kinds of vape cartridges, such as Automatic cartomizer testing machine, Smoking test machine, etc.


Automatic cartomizer testing machineSmoking test machine

5. Product Certifications

All our products have been fully tested and got Certifications such as RoHS, CE, FCC, GMP, SGS and TUV, etc., even TPD!


6. Delivery, Shipment and Payment


7. FAQ

1). Does your productproduces smoke?

A: Itdoes not produce smoke, but vapor. It looks like smoke, but it is odorless and dissipates quickly.

2). Can I smoke with itanywhere?

A: The productproduces an odorless vapor that disappears in seconds, so there is no passive smoke . Generally, one can enjoy itwherever they want unless it is explicitly undesired.

3). Does the producthelp me to quit smoking?

A: Itcan help you quit smoking. You can reduce the nicotine in the tankgradually. In the end its up to you when you give up smoking.

4). Does the products produce passive smoke?

A: Based on current information, itproduces no passive smoke. It produces only vapor.

5). Who can order the product?

A: In principle, everyone 18 years of age and above is able to order it. We recommend children, pregnant women and people with heart disease, high blood pressure or people who take drugs, not to order.

6). Where can I buy the product?

A: Itisavailable in our safe online store and overseas agent.

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